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Epsom Club Newsletter – December 2023

Hi Members,

Diary Dates for December

Hi! Firstly, did you know that every Tuesday through to Friday there’s now a Happy Hour at the club? 
(Actually its really Happy Two Hours as it runs from 4pm to 6pm.)
During this time you’ll get a 30% discount on your drinks. 
This discount only applies to cash, debit or credit card purchases. 
Another bit of good news is that the Grand Christmas Draw is now ‘open’.
Tis £2 per square and all prizes will be in the form of cash! You can enter this at the bar.
(And the good news is that even so far there’s a lot of entries so the prizes will be good and many!)
Friday 1st ~ Tis Quiz Night once again….don’t the weeks fly past? Always immensely popular and great fun.  
Usual rules, teams of any size, just £2 per head to enter and cash prize to the winning team.
Starts around 7.30pm but the Kitchen will be open from 6pm. 
Sunday 3rd ~ The 700 Club Lunch. There’s a list on the board re those who have qualified by spending over £700 at the bar so far this year!
There’ll be sparkling wine on arrival and a splendid menu to sit down to:
Minestrone Soup, Steak and Ale Pie with Mashed Potato and Vegetables followed by a cheese platter and a glass of Port.
The cost for this is £27 per person.
Thursday 7th Supper Club. Another great speaker lined up ~ Jamie Hayes, a former West End Director and a Cruise Ship Lecturer, 
is going to tell us the back story of 4 humble Liverpool lads who conquered the pop world. 
The Supper is to be Scouse Hotpot. The cost for the evening is just £10 per person. There’s a list on the board ready for you to sign up.
Saturday 9th ~ Music with Maria as Adele. 8.30pm ~ 11.30pm. This is going to be a really great evening for which there is to be no entry fee
However you’ll need to sign up as you don’t want to turn up and find all the seats are gone. Anita will have the kitchen open from 6pm.
Monday 11th ~ Hollies Golf Society Turkey Trot at Woodcote Park Golf Club. Meet at 10.30am.
£40 per member or guest to include coffee and bacon roll,  18 holes of golf and a one course dinner of Pork Shank back at the Epsom Club.
There’s a list on the board of course.
Wednesday 13th ~ Members Christmas Lunch, 1pm, £29pp. 
There’s a list on the board for names and also a poster which tells you what the Christmas lunch comprises of.
Wednesday 13th ~ Tis a Gel’s Dinner! In fact this is a crowd of friends who some club members used to work with, some of whom we haven’t seen since before the lock-down.
 We’ve booked a supper of Scampi, Chips and Peas, costing £10. We’d be very happy if any other ladies would like to join us…just be sure to let me have your names beforehand.
(I would include the chaps but fear they might not like the fact that we are short this year of a male stripper and are looking for some volunteers.)
Friday 15th ~ Our annual Tombola starts! Huge thanks go to those folk who have very kindly donated prizes. 
There’s a very wide range of things although looking at them now, all in jolly Christmas wrapping, I find it hard to remember what’s there. 
I remember wine, candles, a penguin, a bottle opener but what most of the remaining 90 or more are defeats me! 
(It’s not too late to donate items….no stipulation as to what they are as long as they are new and un-used.)
This year the funds raised will be donated to SSWU who do amazing work to help Ukrainians, either here or back home. 
Quite a few of those who work tirelessly for this charity are club members.
That’s it for the first half of December….details for the rest of the month will follow shortly…..
07703 255409
PS Did you know there are books in the back bar for the taking? A splendid idea….you can leave books there that you’ve read and take another one that catches your eye.
Club Renovation and Finance
Chairman of the Epsom Club Management Committee – Date 8 September 2023
Interim Progress update from the Chairman.
As chairman of the Club’s management committee, I wanted to update members on the progress being made by the Renovation and Finance (R&F) committee which was set up two months ago.  The Club is experiencing an increasing number of failures to its infrastructure and facilities, including
water leaks, drainage problems, Boiler, and kitchen equipment faults.  The R&F committee is factoring these issues into its renovation options and phasing plans.
The club’s management committee has been investing heavily over the past 18 months both in terms of the work done by commiee members as well as renovation and investment works to keep the club operating successfully and complaint with regulation. The capital value of these works to date is
approximately £47K and includes: –
Renovation of the Club’s front Façade
Improvements to the Fire safety of the club (Fire doors, Alarms and Emergency lighting)
Investment in energy saving with solar panels.
Improvement to cooking facilies and the Kitchen maintain compliance.
This investment and improvements are beginning to pay off, and deliver returns in-terms of: –
Increasing membership
Increasing club turnover
Reduction to our energy costs
Consequently, the club’s management committee has agreed a set of strategic business objectives for the club. These objectives have been passed to the Renovation and Finance (R&F) sub-committee to evaluate, develop options, and identify costs.  The R&F committee has been meeting regularly to evaluate what needs to be done to keep the club operating viably and compliant with regulation. The Clubs business objectives are stated at a high level, the R&F committee is charged with interpreting and identifying the most beneficial and
financially cost-effective proposals for club renovation.
The R&F committee has been evaluating how its options address members key issues as expressed in the responses to the questionnaire distributed to all members at the end of last year and the 3 renovation workshops which were publicised and open for all members to attend.  The key improvement that the questionnaire and workshops identified were:
Improve the Main and Back Bar areas to better use Club space on the Ground and 1st floor levels.
Dramatically Improve the toilet facilities including disabled toilets
Renovate the Décor, Furnishings, and lighting in the club’s public spaces.
Improve the efficiency of the food offering
Improve the Audio-visual facilities and WiFi of the club.
When the R&F sub-committee completes its work on possible options and phasing plans, it will present these to the Clubs management committee for consideration and if accepted by the management committee will then be published to members. There will be an EGM possibly in late
November to present the R&F proposals and plans and ask members for their views and for a decision on the way to progress.