News & Covid-Guidelines.

It’s good to be back and for the Club to be open. Of course, like so many other venues, we’ve had to change some things to comply with the Covid-19 Guidelines and you’ll know what they are from previous e-mails sent out earlier this month. So, a few things have changed, BUT what’s not changed is the warm welcome you’ll get from the Bar Staff and the friendliness of other Members. We’d love to see you so why not catch up with another Member by inviting them to come in with you for a chat and a drink together.
It’s lovely in the garden at this time of year, it’s relaxing, birds are singing, butterflies are flitting, bees are buzzing and it would be a shame to miss out on our unique asset – a garden of our very own. Ken, Steve and Christina are mowing, trimming, cultivating and watering, flowers are blooming – even the rhubarb is sprouting! Come and see for yourself why don’t you!
We’d be delighted if you called into the Club as part of your Epsom visit. We’re looking forward to seeing you and/or your household partner or with another Member. Daytimes, perhaps for coffee or possibly a spritzer, a G&T or a cold beer. Evenings are always a good time for socialising too. We’re providing table service to everyone, so we hope you’ll come in soon and look forward to welcoming you back.

The Covid-19 guidelines at the Club have been somewhat amended – social distancing still the same of course!  Please see Home page for :

  1. Guests may now be brought into the Club by FULL Members as long as you accompany them and they comply with the current Rules.
  1. Food is available from Danielle on Wed, Thurs and Fri lunchtimes 12 – 2pm.  She is not available this Thursday 6 August but she will be on hand Sunday 9 August 12 – 2pm so hope you’ll give her and the Club your support.
  1. For Sunday 16, 23 and 30 August Danielle is not available so for those 3 Sundays you may bring in your own cold food to eat in the garden.  Unless you’re in the same family “bubble” please do not share.  Bring your own cutlery, napkins and condiments of course. 

Danielle will be starting lunchtime snacks again from this Friday (tomorrow
the 31 July) and then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday each week.  Serving from
12 till 2.30pm.   You can order through WhatsApp (download the App) and use
mobile number 07841 815047.  There will be a selection of fresh sandwiches &
toasties, bar snacks and home-made carrot cake.  Danielle will have a menu
written up tomorrow.   All orders will be brought to your table.   As you
know, the Club is not accepting cash for any transactions, so when your food
arrives please pay by contact less card  .Danielle has her own card machine
which will make things relatively easy.  Please give Danielle your support
as she hasn’t been able to provide food for the Club since lock-down and will
be pleased to see you all again.  More….. Danielle has also agreed to
provide Snacks and Ploughman’s on Sundays, between 12 – 2.30pm.  She will be
trialling Sundays and if it’s successful will be here regularly.  Own food
cannot be brought in, so we’re encouraging everyone to support the Club and
Danielle and enjoy some great food!

The garden is open during “bar opening hours” and it’s been lovely out there
lately.  Plenty of room  (with social distancing still applying of course).
Just a little cloud though (if it gets cold or rains we can only get 14 in
the main bar and 10 in the back bar.  Over that number and you’ll have to go
home – sorry or bring a mac just in case!

Incidentally, the Committee decided that as Wednesday nights don’t receive
any support we’d be closing in future at 4pm and no evening bar.  BUT we’re
opening 7.30pm – 10pm on Thursday evenings instead, so why not come along
and enjoy a friendly drink with other Members.  Julie Stone will be your bar
person and she has had a long career with The Epsom Club.  You’ll find her
friendly, professional and very helpful.

Gerry Booth is heading up SNOOKER and this can start now – provided the bar
is open.  This is the information you need to play:

1. Play will be restricted to singles play ( 2 people playing ).
2. Sessions must be booked with the steward of the day providing name
and phone number.
3. Sessions will begin and end commensurate with the present bar
opening hours for that day.
4. Should anyone require a club cue, a sanitised cue may be obtained
from the steward.
5. Play can only be allowed when the club is open. It must be vacated
when the bar session is over.
6. A member may introduce one guest and be responsible for his or her
behaviour and their track and trace details.
7. Equipment should not be moved from table to table.
8. Anti-bacterial hand rub will be available for each table.
9. Social distancing must be observed at all times.
10. As cash is not being used at the club, members must bring their own
supply of cash to supply the light to their table.

11.  Tables 1 & 2 are £1 meters, Table 3 is a 50p meter.  The bar does not
currently hold cash so BYO.

12.  Please sanitise with spray provided the wooden surround on the tables
and any equipment you use before leaving the table.

Your adherence to these requests will be greatly appreciated in these
difficult and unprecedented times.

Other changes are in the pipeline for accessing the Club and we’ll let you
know as and when other amendments are made.   Of course, the Committee has a
duty of care to both staff and members to safeguard, as far as possible,
against Covid-19 and we are very conscious of those responsibilities.  We
hope you will continue to support us in following the Safety Guidelines.

Take care, stay safe and best wishes to all,