Before I launch into some details of events coming up ~ Did you know that our new Steward, Darren Hull, has started at the club? What would be good would be for you to come in and introduce yourself. Darren has a hard act to follow and making him feel welcome would set us on a jointly beneficial path.

Tony remains unwell in hospital but has said that he would welcome any visitors. For those of you that would like to visit him he is on the Florence Ward in St Georges hospital.

As to next week, there’s to be Bingo on Thursday (23rd June) starting at 1pm.                                       

On Sunday there’s a private party in which the volunteers who have manned the ‘Ukraine’ post in the Ashley Centre are being thanked for their hard work and dedication to a splendid cause. The event will run from noon until 7pm. The Back Bar and garden will, of course, be available for club members.

There’s a trip to the Epsom Playhouse on Tuesday 29th June but I’m afraid our ticket allocation is full.    However, as we come back to the club for a buffet after the show it might just be okay for others to join us. (I say ‘it might be okay’…what I mean is that it would be best to check with Wendy to see if there’s room!) Some info for those lucky enough to have tickets ~ Wendy will be at the Playhouse from 1.45pm to hand out our tickets. The performance begin at 2.30pm so there’s lots of time to get organised!

There’s quite a lot planned for July ~ A Quiz (Friday 1st),  a Cream Tea (Thursday 7th), an evening with music selected by our very own DJ John (Friday 8th), a trip to the Races at Brighton (Wednesday 13th), a Carvery (Sunday 17th), an Investment Club Dinner (Thursday 14th), and a Polish Evening (Saturday 23rd). More details on all these from me very soon.

One particular event is the trip to Brighton Races on 13th July. The plan is to leave the club at 10.30am, travelling via coach to Brighton. The aim is to get back to the club in time for dinner in the early evening. Tickets for the Racing and the coach are £25, and for dinner there’ll be an extra charge of £15. Those not able to go to the racing but who would like to join in on the dinner are very welcome to do so. See the list on the board for diners only.

And finally ~ did you know that there’s a Suggestion Box on the Bar for any ideas you may have on visits, meals, events etc. Please bear in mind that there are quite a few folk attempting to put on events that we would all enjoy. Not always an easy thing to guess at….….a few helpful hints would be grand!

Thursday 23rd ~ Fancy a game of Bingo?

Here’s your chance – the timing, from 1 until 3pm, is set to allow for you to get some lunch from Anita before it starts!

Saturday 25th ~ And now for our chance to welcome the New Mayor and Mayoress of Epsom. 

This is, as ever, known as a “Black Tie Do” but it’s very much optional for the chaps to either wear their Black Tie gear or their Best Bib and Tucker suits!

(The ladies don’t need any advice on what to wear, I’m sure!) There’s to be a 3-course meal with wine. Tickets are £30.

Sunday 26th ~ Not sure if the details have been sorted yet but word has it that there’s to be a private ‘Do’ to celebrate, and thank, all the wonderful 

volunteers who have done such brilliant work in raising funds and support for folk from the Ukraine.

Whatever the arrangements, there’ll be room in the Back Bar for club members.

Wednesday 29th ~ Re our visit to the Epsom Playhouse. we’re really sorry if you planned to book onto this event but Wendy has sold all the tickets that she had. 

However, if you would like to join the group for the hot buffet at the club then let either me or Wendy know! Price for just the meal is £17.

So, that’s the events for June so far…and for a little taster I can tell you that in July we plan to have a Cream Tea, a Quiz Night, a Disco with our favourite DJ, 

an Investment Club Dinner, a Polish Evening! And that’s just for starters.

One specific event really and truly worth mentioning is the Trip to Brighton Races on Wednesday 13th July. 

The plan is to leave the club by coach at 10.30am, and to get back in time for dinner in the early evening.

Tickets to the Races and for the coach journey are just £25. Dinner at the club on return will be an additional £15.

Sounds like being an excellent day. There’s a poster on the board ready and waiting.

And then there’s the chance of joining those who have already put their names down for snooker, sea fishing and golf.

Go for it ~ It’s not too late to add your names to the lists on the board!

And, finally, a taster for August, there’s to be a Charity Race Night…always a really good fun evening.

So, watch this space……

Oh, Nearly forgot…can anyone play the piano?




(As ever, if you can’t get into the club in time to add your name to a poster, let me know and I’ll do it for you as I live very close by.)

On a completely different subject, as you may know, Tony, steward, is retiring and is also unwell. A collection box is on the bar if you would like to contribute to a retirement present. There are also retirement and get-well cards available for signing.



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