We were surprised to find out that there are still a few members who have not yet spent the £100 that they put on their bar card last year. This gets turned into a donation to the club unless it is spent by the end of this month. 

Although we are very grateful for donations of all kinds we would much rather you popped in and spent your money at the club! 

We are now open Saturday lunch times from 12.00 – 3.00pm. You can see our opening hours on the Home Page..

Summer seems to come and go a little at the moment but was very kind to us on the French Boules day at the club. There’s to be another chance to participate (no skill required!) this Saturday.

However, whatever the weather there’s the opportunity to taste some fine wines, but bookings are needed, see below.

One new venture is into Poker. We are investigating running a Poker competition regularly on a weekday evening! If you are interested, please contact us giving a preferred evening.

You’ll note that lots of the planned events have “Bookings needed*” marked against them. That’s because we have to confirm numbers with the caterer some days before each event.